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VOD7- You Have To Ask First

Chances are Fortune never asked Lust if she had an evil doppelganger running around, so really itís everybody elseís fault for not considering the possibility. For all we know, Sloth could have an island full of harem girls plotting world domination in his name. You just never know unless you think to ask. And then you have mean old Murd giving all the fun quests to Lust. How is Envy supposed to level up without running fetch quests!?

A new DDG has been posted as well. Read, be awed, and think over your soul and where youíll end up in the Afterlife because of it.

Iím not normally keen on going on about political/personal things, so if you donít really care what I have to say about an issue, feel free to skip this whole paragraph. I debated writing this, but what I heard just kind of confused and pissed me off enough that I wanted to write about it. For those of you big on your politics (and I think it was mentioned on The Daily Show), California had Prop 8 this election and its intention was to eliminate same-sex couplesí right to marry. Personally, I kind of expected that proposition to get shot down without issue but not only was it passed, but it was passed in California of all places. After recovering from having my mind completely blown on that, I was listening to NPR and they gave a breakdown of how different groups voted on it. What ground my gears enough to write this was that 70% of African-American voters supported the ban and voted for Prop 8. Now all through the run-up to this election and certainly in the days following Obamaís win, weíve almost endlessly been hearing about how finally electing a black president could be a sign that America is on its way to doing something about the injustices, racism, and the general what-the-hell-was-wrong-with-our-ancestors of the past and that weíre trying to do something about overcoming discrimination. There are certainly plenty of reasons to vote for Obama outside of racial transcendence or historical significance, but itís definitely something that was bandied about the media. But how hypocritical do you have to be that on the one hand youíre placing a vote and hoping to move past racial discrimination and on the other hand, youíre voting FOR discriminating against people based on sexual preference? Again, Iím skipping over people that didnít think voting for Obama had anything to do with overcoming racism, but in an election where the black candidate pretty handily wins, how the hell can the proposition taking rights away from homosexuals pass? If thereís ANY group in this country that should stand against any form of discrimination, itís African-Americans (ignoring white liberal guilt on this matter because that leads to a general self-loathing on a rainbow of issues, not just discrimination). If your vote for Obama was even minutely tied to overcoming racial boundaries and yet you voted to purposefully discriminate against homosexual couples, seriously, what the hell is wrong with you? How on Earth could those beliefs possibly co-exist in your head? 70% of what should be the most acceptance-happy voting block in town voted to take away rights from a group based on sexual orientation. Given Obamaís numbers, the people voting for him most definitely had to crossover with people voting for Prop 8. Yes, 50% of Latino voters, 40% of Asian voters, and Iím sure a shamefully, shamefully high number of white voters voted for Prop 8 as well and thatís inexcusable in my mind, but for 70% of African-American voters to willingly vote for discrimination itís just... hard to comprehend. So there you go. Race, religion, sexuality, and politics all in one post. Voting, much like the Internet, is serious business.