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VOD8- Demand Equal Rights For All Sins

Lying to Lust, ALWAYS a good idea. I mean, itís not like sheís ever been prone to irrational fits of anger and is willing to act on them, right? Heís just making it all that much worse by ticking off the one that pays attention too. Sure the rest of the gang is dangerous when peeved, but theyíre also a bit more flighty and easily distracted by shiny things.

Today just happens to be my mumís birthday and Iím pretty sure that by reading this youíre now obligated to wish her a good one. Happy birthday, Mom!

The Target holiday toy catalogue was in the newspaper this weekend and what do I see on the first page I opened to? A kid riding an animatronic triceratops. That is seriously was too keen to be wasted on a kidís toy. There is just an absurd level of advancement in kidsí toys and this isnít even something being sold at a specialty store. You can buy animatronic dinosaurs at Target! Make it ten times bigger and mount a ray gun on it and thatís a supervillain plot in the making. And weíre selling it to kids!

Quick Review: Madagascar 2- Full disclosure from the start here: My ticket and popcorn were comped and I got some movie swag because I work for a company associated with the franchise.
I didnít really care for the first movie and was expecting this one to be just as uninteresting, but it was pleasantly surprising. Itís not a great movie, but for a kidsí movie itís harmless but itís still funny enough to keep parents entertained for the running time, so it really accomplishes its goals. The story is really by the books and predictable (complete with entirely unnecessary romantic subplots) and it gets really heavy on the morals but the dialogue is well done and it has a good cast. Itís also nice to have a CG animation movie that doesnít focus on being uber-realistic. Characters squash and stretch like in Warner Brothers cartoons and it focuses more on having a style than accurately portraying every single strand of hair on each character. Alex and Marty are still the focus and Gloria and Melman are just as grating as they were before, but what saves the movie is all of the bit players. The penguins are still the stars (and their merch ran out the fastest from what we got at the office, even leading to bartering for the penguin dolls), the monkeys are one-note characters but their screen time is exactly what you need to get their joke but not drive it into the ground, and even the lemurs are more interesting this time around. If you have little kids, theyíll probably like it (but attention spans may wander during the Gloria and Melman scenes) and adults wonít be praying for the ceiling tiles to fall off and knock them unconscious until the movie is over.