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VOD9- Blast You Fish

It COULD have been the fish. They’re crafty like that... At least it gives them deniability if Lust ever finds out about this. It wasn’t us! It was all the fish’s fault!
At least you can always fall back on the good old Swiss Army Knife of the Sins world, Rhett. Or “Mr. Rhett”... Pride is channeling Matrisse! Maybe they’re the same person... My mind is blown!

There are two more Sins-based LittleBigPlanet levels for you to enjoy! Glee! "Vice Squad Part 1" puts your little Sackboy through the rigors of the Vice obstacle course. It even has the benefit of being considerably easier than the previous level. There's also a bonus level attached to it. Find the key to unlock the score challenge level "Feed Me, Slapegg!". As always, let me know what you think or if you encountered any bugs or are stuck! Thanks!

To those you that actually did email me with birthday wishes for my mom, you guys rock. Kudos to you.

There need to be laws regarding Christmas decorations. It’s gone beyond madness at this point. I don’t know if it’s the town’s tree or the grocery store’s, but at the end of my street there is now a decorated and lit up Christmas tree. Sadly, it’s not even a freaking Evergreen. Unless it’s one of those fancy new Veteran’s Day trees or a Thanksgiving tree...

Bioshock (PS3)- Bioshock is a game vastly better than its demo. The demo focused almost entirely on combat, but as a shooter, Bioshock is pretty meh. The guns are all the standard fare and aren’t that interesting, there are very few enemy types that are recycled over and over, and while you can get a lot of interesting powers, you’re extremely limited in the number you can equip at any time. Even the final boss is nothing more than a big monster you just have to shoot a few times. Your character can hack into electronics but no matter what you’re hacking, it’s always the same Pipe Dream-esq minigame that really isn’t fun or interesting. They didn’t even make different types of hacks for different items. Surely a vending machine is built just a wee bit differently than an automated RPG turret, no? I encountered a number of bugs as well. Many just cosmetic, another one made the game repeat the same audio diary after every piece of dialogue, one caused the same help message to stay on screen for the whole level, the game keeps warning you that machines you’re fighting are friendly and under your command even though they’re most definitely not, some sounds played when they were completely inappropriate, and early into the game I had a crash. Aside from the keen powers you can get, the combat’s main highlight is your melee weapon. Forget Freeman’s crowbar, this game’s wrench is the most visceral and enjoyable melee weapon in an FPS. Combat aside, the story is a completely different... well, story. The dialogue and characters are fantastic and engrossing and it’s definitely a game that you play for a little while, intend to stop playing, but you’re so absorbed that you find yourself playing for another hour just to find out what happens next. Everything about the game just oozes with atmosphere and the world the game presents is beautiful and decaying at the same time. Rapture is a world falling apart at the seams and the art direction gets that across wonderfully. One complaint I had with how the story was told was that to hear it you have to find audio diaries scattered through the game, but they’re very easy to miss. The story is the best part of the game, so it really shouldn’t have been a challenge to hear it. You have to waste a lot of time scouring the map and completing the boring hacking minigames or miss out on some of the plot. Unfortunately most of the plot twists are pretty obvious from early in the game but you’re forced to go along with them. Plus, the one surprising twist is basically along the lines of finding out Aeris dies in FF7; it’s something you’ve heard spoiled countless times so when you come across it in the game, you just kind of dismiss it. In a way it’s the company’s own fault for taking so damn long to port the title to the PS3 so I feel fine holding it against them. The only major drag in the story is the ending. You play through a game that’s fairly long for a shooter, intelligent, well-written, and engrossing, and yet the ending you get is no more than a minute or two long and extremely unsatisfying.
Sins Committed: Too few enemies, Mediocre combat, Obvious plot twists