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VOD11- Go Away Already

Oh yeeeaaah... THAT’S why the “Valley of Darkness” sounded familiar. We know something else that’s taken up residence there. Unwillingly. With one heck of a chip on its spiky shoulders. But hey, time heals all wounds. They’ll sit down with some cocoa and laugh about good times and past attempts at conquering the world.

Quick Review: Futurama: Bender’s Game- After the disappointing last movie was, I was hoping the change of scenery for this one would make it a bit more interesting. But where Beast... was just bad for something Futurama, Bender’s Game is flat-out bad. The first hour is a serviceable if not all that engaging tale about the show’s dark matter, but the last half hour turns it into a clichéd and fairly boring fantasy/RPG “parody”. The “parody” just comes down into displaying hackneyed fantasy book/movie elements or mocking the Lord of the Rings. The movie drives Mom and her kids into the ground and repeats the same jokes from the series. There’s nothing new or interesting in the whole fantasy segment that you haven’t seen in countless other cartoons, games, Internet spoofs, webcomics, etc. There’s a “plot twist” teased in the beginning but it’s incredibly obvious and they reveal it through one the worst, most tedious Star Wars parodies I’ve ever seen. They have one more movie to turn things around and stop embarrassing my favorite TV show.