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Posted by Pip

VOD12- Zbloot

Yay! Angerís twitchy and kind of crazy! A couple of generations alone, locked in the dark, and pissed off havenít done much to cool Anger down, but he is considerably more unhinged. The whole hearing another creatureís thoughts in your head probably doesnít help the olí sanity either. You canít even have a good conversation when youíre just listening. You need the back and forth when speaking to yourself! And it is pretty darn rude to be partly made up of another personís essence without getting permission. The Perrin golem was one thing, but to hijack the Anger goo for another being is just ill-mannered. AND Anger even gets slashed by something. Does nobody respect former godly despots anymore!?
Anger the crazy stabby Sin versus Roberto the crazy stabby robot: commence the fan-arting!