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Posted by Pip

VOD13- Not Touching You

Hooray for annoying ladies with big, big weapons! Anger will feel the wrath of making faces, her being on his side of the car, and the borrowing of DVDs without asking. The only things saving Anger from the dreaded Wet Willie or wedgie are his lack of ears and underwear... You win this round naked Sin. But keep an eye out for any flaming bags on your doorstep... Ah well, Anger may be crazy and lonely, but at least he still knows creepy attacks.

Yesterday was corporate sexual harassment training at work and it was hi-larious. The acting, the writer, the presentation; it’s all quality stuff there. The dialogue didn’t even match the subtitles! And for some reason, most of the actors wouldn’t use contractions, so they came across sounding really robotic. Almost like a text-to-speech program was making sexual advances at me. Not only was the whole thing basically common sense and useless, but the narrator flat out said that in real life you wouldn’t encounter examples like they presented. It’s far more amusing if you replace the code words for sex throughout the whole video. Like in one segment, the boss was using “relax” to mean sex, and then woman goes on to say that she’d rather “relax by herself at home” or go “relax with her kids”. The people in sexual harassment videos are dirty...