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VOD16- Rhett Ex

Oooh, back to the netherworld intrigue. Sorry, village boy, youíll have to suffer off-camera. Even in death and reincarnation, Rhett manages to get screwed over by Anger in some way. As a kid, he was a tool, as a teenager, he helped bring about Angerís plan for conquest, and now as a reincarnated golem, heís STILL getting possessed. I guess if you want to get picky, heís a tool and errand boy for the random women running around the Valley of Darkness too. But shipping fees must be ludicrous there so you canít blame her too much.

Quick Review: Gurren Lagann: Season 1- GL certainly isnít a bad series, but Iím most definitely dumbfounded at the rabidity of its fanbase. As a comedy, itís meh because it relies so heavily on shouting and insanity, but you get desensitized to how wild it is after one or two episodes and then it becomes a bit stale. As an action show, itís meh because no matter what happens to the characters, something random or wacky shows up and always saves them. The first episode is a lot of fun because everything is new and the wackiness is humorous and the last two episodes are really well done, but everything in the middle is kind of amusing filler. However, the season just... ends. Itís not even a cliffhanger. Several new plot points are introduced, youíre in the middle of something important, and then BAM. Season over, come back next time. Some of the characters (like Yoko and Kamina) are fun, Simon is a more likable knock-off of Shinji from Evangelion, and the rest are the typical gay?/bimbo/animal sidekick/annoying anime stereotypes. The female characters really get treated like dirt in the series. The Black Sisters (itís their name, not a racial thing) are at best ditzes and at worst whores. Yoko is the most competent character in the entire series but her role is so weak that sheís there for little more than T+A and easy fanservice. If sheíd just put a shirt on, it would increase her respectability a thousand fold. The art jumps around too. Some episodes are fantastically drawn and the character designs are top-tier stuff, but other episodes are oddly sub-par. I wouldnít recommend it to anybody but the most diehard anime fan but for everyone else, GL is a nice but ultimately disposable action-comedy-giant robot mix.