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Posted by Pip

VOD17- Necromancer Of My Dreams

Hey, Murdoch lied to Lust again! He DID have the goods! But why, oh why does Murdoch have a Sealing Stone in his lab? Intrigue, that’s why! And to change the subject so Anger doesn’t realize just how much of a hand Murdoch has had in spreading that Anger goo around town to various ne’er-do-wells.

There are new reports on Sins cameos on the Internets! Not just the Sins, though, Pip too! Groovy... Thanks, to CD and Sailor Sun.

Working our way out of that holiday laziness, we have our new month fun times. The most amusing search strings leading to Sins last month were (from a rather large collection of random inanities) “pokemon is depressing” (but it’s full of animals fighting for their lives and being the best. The best there ever was!) but top honors go to “villain henchmen and adam west” partly because it makes it seem like Adam West either has his own henchmen or is fighting against someone else’s (Clooney vs West in real life, woo!) and also because it supports my theory that those flat black shirts with just “Henchman” in white text on them would sell like mad.
And we also have a new wallpaper for those that celebrate this season of giving (as in giving to Sins) with our character spending time with those special to them. Granted some of their priorities may be different than most.