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VOD19- My Heart Is A Flutter

VOD19- My Heart Is A Flutter

Nonsense, sucking up ALWAYS works. “I couldn’t help but notice your nail polish as you were smacking me.” “That boot you’re about to put up my behind sure looks nice, is it new?” “I’d be honored to have you put me in a choke hold; your perfume just smells that lovely today.” Then again, maybe Lust has just gone a touch too far. Decapitating Envy and throwing Gluttony into walls is one thing, but to hit poor Fortune with a table? That’s just mean. But they all just better hope Anger doesn’t bring out the Lemon law on that golem. Nobody likes getting stuck with a defective effigy of their rival.

The companion piece to Make Your Own Vice Humanoid edition is ready and we present to you... MYOV Demon edition!