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Posted by Pip

VOD22- Buried Treasure

Everybody say ďAwwwĒ. The note looked nicer when it was handwritten but the text didnít survive scanning, contrast adjustment, coloring, and resizing so I had to go with cold, heartless fonts. It appears our lovable Jin has had some adventures and Fortune went nuclear at the Tarot rather unfairly. See what happens when you assume, kids? You cause cave-ins, almost kill your friends, and get smacked around all for naught. Let that be a lesson to you. Thatís ALWAYS what happens. But it does look like Chastityís key served a fine purpose after all...

A new DDG has been posted as well. Significantly less heartwarming than todayís Sins, but itís still worth you clicking that DDG tab to your left.

And I know youíve been reading Ascension so you donít need me to point it out, but just incase it slipped your mind, click the Ascension link to your left or the one on the Links page for the storyline where our favorite sexy Sin crosses over. Hint: Itís not Sloth.

And Pip is still cameoing in Sailor Sun, so itís an all around Sinsplosions on the Internet! Piptacularity? Sinsgularity?