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VOD24- Is That In The Geneva Conventions

As you can tell, some time has passed. Lust breaks out another Rhett golem (sheís just burning through them! Two in one arc) and gets her poor boy back from the bad, bad monsters. Although from Rhettís viewpoint, thatís not a bad transition. Sure you were just beaten by your enemy but then you get to hop into making out with your wife after one short resurrection. The lovable guy is either one of the worldís greatest romantics or the outright worst. But at least heís trying! Even if it isnít appreciated in his own Original arc or the Venials storylines, heís making the effort!
This page acts like an epilogue for the current arc, but the next arc is going to follow shortly after this point. The nasty golems are still out there, Murdochís butt is still on the line, and youíre going to have to break down and admit that the new Envy has grown on you and you love him. So while itís a new arc, itís really just a continuation of this one.

Quick Review: Time Crisis 4- Every lightgun game review can just be summed up as: If you like them, youíll like X game but if you donít, go play something else. Every few years I get the urge to pick one up and the Time Crisis series has been reliably well done. The main problem with the genre is that once you beat the game once or twice, youíre pretty much done and they stop being enjoyable. TC4 is pretty good in this regard. For the main game, you have two different characters to play as (and while the changes between the two are minor, the different layouts are unique enough to offer a new experience) and you can unlock the usual increased health, credits, and ammo settings. Then you have the Crisis Missions (Days 4 and 5 are difficult to the point of not being fun at all but the final day is fantastic), shooting gallery mini-games, and a new FPS mode. The FPS mode is fantastic and itís ludicrous that other companies havenít embraced making games that support the lightgun. The controls are a lot better than I expected and once you get used to the camera controls, they shouldnít give you much grief. Although, playing more than a few stages in one standing will start to wear on your hand. The Time Crisis cheese factor is out in full force and they really embrace it this time. Terrorists, genetically altered bug weapons, barely explained conspiracies, and uber-military tech just lead you into bosses that seem to be Fox Unit rejects. This time around you get to face-off against evil Spider-Man, a less deformed version of Sloth from Goonies, Wild Dog (he has a tractor beam!), and a big boss that for some reason strikes me as a cybernetic Anthony Hopkins. The final battle is full of so much cheesy awesomeness that itís only second to the guy running on the helicopter blades in Contra. Aside from the ludicrous difficulty of the later Crisis Missions, my only large complaint is that the game wonít save my name on the high score list. My name always shows up as three blank spaces and I canít fathom why.
Sins Committed: Short, Cheap difficulty (Crisis Missions, not the main game)