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Posted by Pip

A54- One Of Those Lesser Gods. Not The Seven Plagues Kind

Sprak is a good onomatopoeia too.
So, yep, Aska has definitely delved into the “mad with power” category. But who didn’t see that coming?

I also just realized that it’s the end of the month a few seconds ago. That was quick. Anyway, it was a pretty darned good month. Lots of financial support by way of donations and commissions, the forums are more active, more readers have come on board, and people are checking out the subdomains as well. Thanks a ton!
Nothing too outright wacky as far as search terms go this month, so the honor of the most enjoyed search that led to the site is a shared one. I’ve had hits from people looking for OTHER comics. Quite a few from people searching for Charby and a few for Sam and Fuzzy, both listed in the links section.

Too tired for analyzing webstats right now. I think the Universe is kicking me around because I took pleasure in others’ misfortune today. It was completely within the limits of my job and my boss would say I did the right thing, but it’s hard not to take some joy in turning down the business of somebody looking for money to get his gun out of a pawn shop. And a few cases of people getting flustered or downright pissed off because we wouldn’t give them lots of money for decades old scratched and outright broken items. Good times…