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Posted by Pip

D1- Surely Nothing Important Is Behind A Locked Door

The return of Not-Lust! You know she’s up to no good when she’s tearing off her own arm to accomplish her goal. And that just goes to show why you should have more than two locks on a big door. Sure, sure. You put them high up and spread apart, but there WILL be stretchy shadowy people that are drawn to things behind locked doors in netherworlds.

Quick Review: The Lost Room- Lost Room is one of those shows that has languished in my Netflix queue pretty much ever since I signed up for it. It sounded neat so I put it in but then kept pushing it further down the list when something else interesting was released, but I finally saw it. The plot is really cool and for a show on Sci Fi, the acting isn't bad. The little girl is extremely annoying (they write her out quickly) and the ending is pretty lame, but everything in-between is worth watching. It's just two discs and you can tell that they purposefully left things out and started new plot points in the last episode in hopes of a second season, but since there wasn't one, you feel a bit ripped off. Extra kudos for making a prosthetic eye the most kick-butt object in the Universe though.