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D2- Try 411 Next Time

Hmmm, a bit less likely that there’s a cuddly puppy behind our door. Maybe it’s just a really big cuddly puppy. That’s in the dark... Tethered to the wall... That a less than nice person is seeking out... Well, whatever it is, this will all end in sunshine and hugs.

Happy Chanukah to our Chosen Slapeggs!

Thanks to Jacob, we have some new fan art in the gallery! Virtue fan art! Egads! Check out the picture and then the link on his folder for his website. Thanks!

Quick Review: Sonic Unleashed- The only way to prevent this from being a six-page angry, angry review is just for me to say “almost everything about this game sucks” and then skip to the end. So! Almost everything about this game sucks.
Sins Committed: Bad camera, Bad writing, Bad dialogue, Bad new characters, Bad controls, Tedious combat, Poor level design, Tedious collection tasks, Gratuitous RPG elements, Spitting on my childhood memories and stealing their kidneys after drugging them and dragging them into a dirty back alley without even having the decency to put them in a tub filled with ice afterwards
Virtues Acted: The intro movie is very pretty