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D4- Probably Not A Monster

D4- Probably Not A Monster

Lust, Knower of Stuff!
Thatís one unpleasant big thing. And rude too. Fortune is totally lovable! You donít hurt her first! You kick around your Envies or Angers and then work your way up to your Fortunes.

DDG got in on the awesome Boxing Day experience and has been updated. Click that black tab to the left and bask in the Boxing Day joy.

Quick Review: Burn After Reading- People die, thereís international espionage, lots of sex, and yet after an hour and a half, really nothing has happened. The best part of the movie is at the end when a third party to the events is being debriefed and nobody can really understand or explain just what happened. For a Cohen Brothers movie, itís meh; itís not bad, itís not great. Itís just a mostly entertaining movie that gets too convoluted for its own good and yet (purposefully) nothing really comes of it.