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Posted by Pip

D7- Ambassador Of Kicking Butt

Greed must have left his can of giant monster spray in his other dimensional door, so itís time to send out the one warrior that strikes fear in the hearts of all oppressors... The blob of purple goo! Theyíll turn their back and then turn back to find the big meanie collapsed and beaten. Go, Sloth, go!

End of the month stats? Nay, gentle viewer! We have... end of the year stats! December didnít really have any funny search strings, so weíre just going with science on this one. 2008 saw Sins with over 1.15 times the readers of 2007! Big thanks to everybody that reads, comments, draws, writes, donates, commissions, links, and/or mentions us on their site/blog/journal/whatever!

And to celebrate the new year, we have a New Years themed wallpaper. Be one of those lovable donators, writers, artists, or contributors to bask in its wonder!

To help ring in the New Year, DDG is here to steal Father Timeís soul, give Baby New Year a chance, and post a new comic.

Thereís also a new piece of fan art in Kamiís gallery, so check it out!