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D8- Punched In Something

Our creature is just lucky it didn’t step on Sloth. You can spend hours picking at it with a stick or a rock and spraying it with a hose, but you know there’s still some Sloth in those crevices. It just doesn’t come out. At least the creature went with Anger’s horn and not any of his other spikes?

There’s a new piece of fan art in the gallery! Check out Cydra’s folder and follow the link to his other art. Thanks!

Quick Review: Resident Evil Degeneration- A far sight better than the last two godawful live action RE movies, but still nowhere near as fun as the games. At best, it throws back a few references to the games and supposedly has a connection to the next game (but outside of the names of companies, it won’t be much) and at worst, it’s just a bad monster movie. Claire and Leon could both be replaced by any action heroes and the movie would be no different; they’re simply there to make it “Resident Evil”. Every theme in the movie was done in RE2 (and done better) so the whole movie just comes across like a bad rehash and all of the new characters are extraordinarily unlikable. RE doesn’t need an annoying kid tagalong, we already have Sherry. We don’t need a half-baked G monster, we have Birkin. We don’t need an evil British guy, we have Wesker. And we certainly don’t need a duck-lipped, pouty-faced, huge-chested ditz that hits on Leon that you’ll hate but she gets scads of screentime, we have... Ashley?