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D9- Forced Volunteering

When your Ambassador Of Kicking Butt fails to get results, itís time to bust out the diplomacy. Thatís also why you donít mess with the groupís Thinker. You make her the Leader, you abide by what she says. And Gluttony certainly isnít anywhere near as squishy as Sloth...

Quick Review: Cloverfield- The most important thing in a ďsurvivorĒ movie is that you have to want the characters to survive. Cloverfield makes the daring choice of having a cast full of losers and assholes that you desperately WANT to die. So all youíre left with is awful writing, a documentary style that screams ďcheap gimmickĒ, and shouting. It has some decent monster violence in it but the actual look and feel of the creature is only so-so and itís not worth sitting through the stupid, STUPID characters to get to it.