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D10- She Looked At The Ark

Apparently melting Nazis havenít taught us enough. I guess we should just be thankful that Gluttony doesnít have any of that extra fluff like skin, muscle, bones, and general bits of goo we have filling us up. And how often does Gluttony really use her head anyway? If anything, this just gives her a larger ďmouthĒ to cram food in. A ďthank you, giant monsterĒ is in order.

A new DDG has graced us as well. Complete with a few cameos so click those links and support the friends of Sins and DDG!

Quick Review: Civilization Revolution- As has been often mention here, I canít stand micromanaging in games and because of that I always passed on the Civ games thinking they were just like Age of Empires. After trying out the demo, I was amazed at how streamlined the game is and Civ Rev is easily the best RTS Iíve ever played. Itís smooth, fairly quick, you only ever have to make important decisions, and if you have even the slightest inkling of megalomania in you, itís a blast to play. The controls and instructions are fantastic, the writing and animations are engaging, and you can easily sink hours into the game without even being aware of it. There are some sound problems and glitches but nothing game breaking (mainly sounds not playing or repeatedly playing), youíre occasionally told you can do actions when you canít (under common circumstances, the game will warn you that a unit needs to be healed when itís at full strength), if you downloaded any of the free expansions the game will tell you that theyíre available and how to access them every single time you load the game, the intro/story setup also plays every single time you start a new match, and thereís some truly bizarre slowdown even in single player mode. Other than those things, the only design/layout choice Iíd push to add would be a fast forward button for battles. Some units are really slow and things can needlessly drag on (planes drop one bomb at a time and will often only kill one unit at a time, so if your plane is fighting off a lot of weak units, you have to sit there and watch it slowly drop bombs on each little enemy). The harder difficulties arenít worth playing though because the AI unabashedly cheats like mad. Its units are less expensive, itís faster, itís stronger, it has better defense, etc, etc, etc, and all the AI players looove to gang up on you from the start. Itís not an honest difficulty, itís an unfair difficulty. Even on the medium difficulties, unless you totally overpower the enemy, you will lose a skirmish. Iíve had plenty of battles where my units had more than double the strength of the AIís and I still lost. How on earth do a couple of guys with swords and shields bring down three fighter planes!? It boggles the mind!
Sins committed: Hanging/freezing, Sound glitches, Slow battles, Cheap difficulty