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Posted by Pip

A55- Shortest Fight Ever!

I think the title says it all. I have to keep you on your toes. Can’t let you get complacent and want anime looking fights every few pages.
The Sins leaving Aska make some kind of horrible, colorful rainbow. Awww.

The Captain originally did have a name. I had just finished a game and was watching a movie where the game character and movie actor shared the same name. I love the name and have it written on the initial doodle, but it just sounded too… Ethnic, shall we say? No sense leading to confusion and that Sins definitely does NOT take place on Earth.

Also, it is the first of the month and it is a month of giving and warm feelings, no? The wallpaper is free this month. It has everything to do with sharing and nothing to do with the fact that I fear vicious reprisal from a multimillion dollar corporation for using their copyrighted characters. Mega Man Powered Up and Irregular Hunter X come out this month in Japan, so ring in the good tidings!