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Posted by Pip

D11- Dodge Out Of Dodge

Even if youíre a godly being from an alternate world with awesome powers, thereís nothing shameful about turning tail and running away. Okay, it IS shameful, but fleeing is a lot better than being stepped on or having your head melt.
Poor Gluttony. Confined to her simpler plant form and sheís not even strong enough to make a retort to a raspberry. Low times indeed.
Maybe itís just me, but isnít Sloth totally cute in the first panel? You canít make him unlovable!

Thereís now a link banner for DDG on the Links page, so feel free to paste it (responsibly) all across the Internet! Please!

And on top of that, we have some new fan art. Saurus fan art! Sins AND DDG fan art! Woos all around. Thanks to Saurus and make sure you visit his comic at the link below.