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D14- Fabbing Stailed

Hmmm, do exclamation points count as dialogue? Can you we truly say this is a dialogue free page? Just as long as they clear that punctuation before our creature hits it and knocks them out. Oh yes, that happens in every universe.
We donít see too many knights around these parts. And with lowered mobility and long tentacles, there may be a fine reason for that.

Long, Capcomy Event and Review: Street Fighter 4
The Event: The Age of Booty release party had way better food... I expect more from Street Fighter than mediocre pizza, but it was free and plentiful so complaints shall be kept to just griping. Other than that, it was mostly better than the AoB event. It was a bigger venue and they had far, far more TVs and systems set up so I actually got to play for more than five minutes. Still too many people and the music was insanely loud so I canít say it was great all around. Fun and a fantastic way to build support and love from your fan base, but for the love of god, turn down the volume.
The Swag: I didnít even get anything at the AoB event, so major improvements here. I walked away with a Shadoloo shirt, SF4 headband, a UDON comic, a S.I.N. poster, a S.I.N. pin, and Fight Club style SF soap. Major score! And itís branded with the S.I.N. logo so I can totally lie and say itís Sins merch...
The Actual Game: Kind of a letdown to me but probably a major plus to diehard SF fans, but SF4 is basically just SF2 with really pretty graphics. The super bars are changed around a little but the only real change to the system is the new Focus Attack, which is surprise, surprise a new way to block. Why is it that every time a fighting game sequel comes out thereís more blocking? Matches between hardcore players are pretty darn boring because itís just a test of who acts second. The focus attack meters fill insanely quickly so you can constantly whip them out and they strike me as cheap. They not only almost completely negate a hit, but then you get to do a strong counter attack off of it. Itís a total reward to hang back and not do anything until your opponent acts first. Fighting games should reward a strong offense, not defense. But for some reason, you canít air-block anymore. The focus attacks let you shrug off a flaming foot to the face but you canít even take a simple tap once your feet leave the ground. The new characters are so-so and, again, half the cast is just Ryu clones. All of the same annoying things from SF2 are back so it just feels like more of the same. The best strategy still seems to be to pin someone in a corner and then spam certain moves. Or to trip them over and over... The game certainly isnít friendly to new users and thereís really just nothing a new or mediocre player can do to win against an experienced player, much less someone that knows frames. Like I said, SF4 is just SF2 with new graphics. The graphics, character designs, and animations are gorgeous, no doubt about it. Thereís so much going on and itís a great mix of realism and overthetop cartoony moments that just watching the game is fun. The joke characters like Sakura and Blanka are a blast to play as just to watch their animations and the best part about Dan is watching him run back and forth. (Side note, how old is Sakura at this point? Itís actually kind of disturbing. Everybody else has aged and moved ahead in life, but Sakura is STILL wearing a gradeschool uniform. Sak, youíre in your 20s, buy a freaking pair of pants already). Outside of the new art and story sequences, SF4 does little to change or advance fighting games or even the SF series. To some, that may be what the doctor ordered and how things should always be, but to the casual player, thereís really no point in getting yet another fighting game that relies on overly memorizing moves, frames, and the never-ending blocking and countering, especially when youíre certainly going to get beat down over and over by the freakishly obsessive hardcore fanbase.
Capcom, youíve now sated the hardcore fighting game fan, now can I pleeeaaase get a Power Stone 3 already? Thereís a new Street Fighter every other year but youíre fast approaching the decade mark on a new Power Stone.