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Posted by Pip

D16- A Rainbow Of Goo

That is truly the most indignant way to get beat up in the Sins universe. Not only were you beat with your own team members, you were beaten by the two biggest wimps on said team. Getting clubbed with a Gluttony or Anger would at least have some saving respectability. Those two are fangy and pointy.
I bet that monster smells just like that ectoplasm you got with Ghostbusters toys. That is a seriously awesome smell and it really bums me out that Ghostbusters toys arenít made anymore. With the movie anniversary and the game coming out, a small lineup of toys would make a killing. Hear me Kenner? Make them! And a quick Google search reveals that Kenner no longer exists as a separate entity. My vague, impotent threats and ramblings are in your court now, Hasbro.

A new DDG has been posted as well, but I can spare you the 80s action figure rant to go along with that.