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Posted by Pip

D19- Lots Of Fire

Lust displays why being a metaphysical oddity is so fantastic. Why bother scrubbing away for hours on end when you can just dematerialize and reform yourself a meter to the side? Shades, smiting dirt and the soap industry in one fell swoop.
And that kick butt knight we were all rooting for was Chastity! You were rooting for Chastity all along! Hopefully you donít feel too dirty about it. Of course we know that in ye oldey days, the Virtues were mighty warriors so theyíd naturally have some rather nifty armor at their disposal. We also know that Chastity is rather talented when it comes to the pointed slashy weapons and weíve seen her use several swords before. It also makes sense why the two oldest Sins would recognize her but the rest of the Sins, who have never seen the Virtues in their full glory, would be in the dark and why Lust shot her begrudging ally a dirty look on page 14. See the thought that goes into this!? Just think what youíre missing if you havenít scoured the archives and lost yourself in every minute detail and labored and debated about whether itís a clue to the larger tale or not. Super important hint nobody commented upon on the page number marked by the road where Wall Street meets Main Street (and the spooky, spooky Elm Street) subtracted from the year of my birth. Why the nonsensical clue? Because Iím tired. And a jerk.

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