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D20- The Nerd Page

She just got done being slimed by a giant monster, so I really think it’s uncalled for to gripe about a few fingerprints from Lust. Of course if I were in Chastity’s position there would be a lot more “in your face” and “I’m better than you”s flying around.

It’s a new month so we have numbers and Maths (watch Look Around You. DO IT!) to enjoy! This month also saw a clear domination for the PSP in the numbers of users visiting the site over people using the Wii. Go PSP! Kick its motion sensing behind to the curb. That aside, there were also several amusing search strings that somehow led here:
“randomly named animals” – I pick “Spungo”.
“gay fanfiction metal gear solid raiden” – NO! Bad, Internet. Bad!
“what are the ways to prevent sins?” - Which was then followed by “chloroforming” so I think somebody is either knocking himself out to prevent some sinning or is in a debate whether to be good or to do something very wrong.
“spiderman footie pjs” – Guaranteed to lead to more kids falling off the roof than a Batman mask.
“lust in space comics” – That would be an awesome spin-off if it didn’t make me think of the Muppets so much.

And of course there’s a new wallpaper available to all that donate monies, jewels, art, writing, models, and pictures of their cats in Sins costumes:

Posted by Pip