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Posted by Pip

D29- Popularity Contest

Much like Student Government, the world of the supernatural is all a popularity contest. Only, instead of being in charge of the funds from the bake sale, youíre the guy everybody wants to smash. That does have to give a certain ego boost though. Youíre dead, your rivals beat you to a pulp ages ago, youíre pretty evil, people are scared of you, and you get ordered around by little kids but youíre STILL better than a ye oldey being that rained death upon townsfolk. The ďnot deadĒ are so much groovier than the ďundeadĒ.

Quick Review: Noby Noby Boy- There have been a lot of games that I've regretted buying, but I think this is the first one that just pisses me off that I bought. The game's concept is fine and fun, but the camera and controls are just so utterly broken that the game infuriates you and fights against you every second you're "playing" it. Thereís really no purpose or goal to the game and thatís fine to an extent, and I actually do like the grand community goal, so youíre really just left to goof off and unlock the trophies. The camera and controls suck all the fun out of the game so itís not something youíre going to sit down with and have a blast for an hour like Katamari was. The trophies themselves all sound reasonable in theory but with the game fighting against you, there are a few that are all but pointless to unlock (you know, above and beyond how pointless ALL trophies are). I spent over an hour trying to unlock one that should take no more than five minutes. Itís just not worth the extreme aggravation. Without goals or purpose and knowing you have the awful camera and controls to come back to, you have little to no reason to come back to the game. Itís only $5 but I hate it more than Iíve hated $40/50 crappy games. This is NOT the next Katamari.
Sins Committed: Bad Camera, Bad Controls