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Posted by Pip

D31- Fear The Reaper

Death looks worse for wear yet again. From hundreds of eyes and the strength to crush mountains, to have only five ocular holes and having to drag itself along the ground as it leaks goo. How the mighty have fallen.
Always with the shadowy figures. You can still plot and be ominous if you’re wearing a hard hat with a flashlight or carrying glow sticks. In fact, having glow sticks would probably make you seem even MORE sinister!

With the end of this arc, it’s once again time for... the printed editions of the Sins comics! We’re going with Lulu again, so there are black and white and color versions for both print and download. Both versions have full color fronts and backs, run from Perrin’s finale all the way to the Death arc, have new chapter pictures, and have the bonus mini-comic “Sloth’s Day Out” (which is NOT three pages of copied and pasted panels of Sloth sleeping). That’s a whopping 302 pages of Sinsly goodness!

The colored version:
The black and white version:

Again, unfortunately the printed color version is super expensive but there’s nothing I can do about that. 302 pages of colored pictures costs a lot of money to print and that’s not money coming back to me (I make less money on the sale of printed color books than I do from the printed B+W versions).

Thanks for your support!