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CON1- Every Little Bit Counts

We here at Sins recommend that you check your local statutes as to whether stabbing a little is accepted. Stabbing a "wee bit" is only illegal in 43 states, so "a little" must be okay somewhere. In the cool states. And the stabby states.

I'm actually from my home computer as of posting, so the new wallpaper shall have to wait until I return home. Let this extra time serve to increase dramatic tension and anticipation. Wholly justified anticipation!

Quick Review: Death: A Life- Possibly the finest biography on Death composed to date. Pun intended and hi-larious. The humor is fantastic, dry, and fairly subtle at times. At other times, Dachshunds wipe out the fairy race, Jesus wrestles, and bad things happen to squirrels. Much like how our own beloved Sins and Forces exist, most of the book's characters are the personifications of ideas and the Sins themselves show as well. In a shameful and heart-wrenching manner. It's hilarious and a great read, so it definitely warrants your time. If only to see how other dimensional Forces fair (spoiler: our SLAPEGGS could still kick heir butts).

Posted by Pip

Late update March 4th

I may not be able to update the comic for the rest of the week due to computer issues. At the very latest, I know I'll be able to post again on Sunday night, so I can post Wednesday and Friday's comics then. Sorry!