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Posted by Pip

CON3- Juvenile Detensin

I think this may be our first outright unwarranted abuse of a mostly innocent host! Let that be a lesson to you when it comes to the voices in your head. Listen to them and find yourself in jail where some shady guy will give you a peck on the cheek. But of course we care more for the Sins, so nuts to this kid, what ARE they up to?
Geez, after all these years, it just feels weird to draw Lust as a guy while in her shadowy form. There have been a few extra pictures with her as a guy, but she always looks more humanoid those times. And yes,technically she isn't really a "she" anyway, but I had to draw her with the fake abs and chest to make it not mind-blowingly odd.

It was Pip's pop's birthday, so all you Slapeggs wish him a good one! Now I'm clear for a few more months before I need to start spazzing about what holiday/birthday present to think of next.

Quick Reviews: Wall-E- It's certainly an interesting, mostly entertaining, and technically amazing movie, but it's certainly over-hyped. It has the same structural feeling of any hundreds of kids' movies that, to an adult, gets tedious. The same chase sequence that will undoubtably be a frustration level in the video game adaptation is there, the same "be true to yourself" message, and the always sickening "love conquers all" ending are all in full effect. Semi-spoilery: I really thought the movie was building up to Wall-E inciting a revolution. He freed the defective robots and "woke up" those two people and that typically leads to overthrowing something, so the ending I had in my head was far more interesting and epic than what we got.

Coraline- Pretty much the flip side to Wall-E, Coraline is extremely well written, enjoyable from start to finish, great for kids and adults, treats its audience with respect, and is definitely worth the price of admission. Where the computer work on Wall-E is so realistic that at times it becomes life-like, Coraline relies on its style and substance and comes across as being the technically better film, even ignoring the better characters and story. Coraline's uniqueness is much more appealing than the super-CG stuff. The story gives off that same "just because its aimed at kids, that doesn't mean it can't be intelligent" feel that the Lemony Snicket books and movie had, and I'm a fan of that.