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CON4- She Takes 20 Minutes To Do Her Fins

Some familiar faces pop up! Sexy dresses, preening, doing her hair, parading around in front of the peons... Something is definitely going down! And if it involves Envy and stabbing, that sounds like one heck of a good time. Depending on what side of the knife/groping youíre on...

Iím back from my trip to the Far East! Okay, East Coast, but itís still a fair distance away! Since Iím back, I can reveal that highly sought after new donation wallpaper for the month!

There was some debate over how recognizable the BK Kids Club was, so just in case you need a refresher or want to bust out some sorry excuse for not knowing (serves you right for not being born at the same time I was!), hereís a link to bone up with:

Quick Review: Watchmen- The standard ďthe book was betterĒ commentary aside, Watchmen the movie makes for a damn fine companion piece to the book. The casting, look, and set pieces are fantastic, it doesnít intrude on or try to replace anything from the book (aside from the ending, but hold on for that), and the score compliments the story and manages to add a few chuckle worthy moments as well. Yes, the ending is different but itís not the typical happy Hollywood ending change around youíre used to. The mechanics of the ending are the same as in the original story even if how they get there is different. They unfortunately did seem to ramp up the action sequences noticeably, to the point where punches send the bad guys flying back a few feet or twisting in the air, and thatís just uncalled for, but if youíre familiar with the book, you know that for a super hero movie, thereís a limited amount of super heroics that actually go down. Thereís also a hint of a problem with how to get the uninitiated to care for the characters and story. If youíre not familiar with the source material, you can easily write the cast off as losers or assholes. Sure comic fans get weak in the knees when Rorschach is doing his thing, but you can also see how he can easily be dismissed as a real jackass. Dan comes across as mopey and pathetic but the fans know that heís actually mopey, pathetic, AND lovable. Itís an all around good movie and great for fans and those willing to stick through the storytelling and the way time jumps around, but you can easily see how many people just wonít be motivated to get themselves that involved.

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