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Copyright 2005 Adam Schlosser

Posted by Pip

CON5- Vicester T

Mysteries revealed! But what kind of conference?! Is there plotting, scheming, conniving? So many choices! It has to be good to draw out the original team members and to raise the ire of Lux.
Long time readers should recognize Greed’s associate, Avidity, brought to us by Kiey of Wanwamar (link available in the Links section, but it hasn’t updated in a long while, awwww). Donators and suppliers of fan works may also remember the little flying guy with the awesome eyes from a wallpaper. Told you I’d find a way to work him into the comic! Special thanks go to community member FoxKnight for the conference’s bouncer. He was the first person to send in a picture from the Make Your Own Vice Flash toys. See what you get when you’re a sport? You get a character in the comic and Internet immortality! Serves all you slackers right. Thanks, FoxKnight! Sure the claws may look dangerous and all, but the lack of opposable thumbs or any real digits could make the job a bit tougher than usual. Major kudos to her for still managing to put a bowtie on! Classy.

Even more special thanks for all of you that have picked up copies or downloads of the new Sins collection. You guys rocks!

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