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CON7- Confersince

The only way to plan and be ready for what the Universe can throw at you is to have some schemes and wacky events ready. Start digging some holes and putting camouflaged sheets over them, sharpen some pungee sticks, poison some free bird seed, all the good stuff. Forget paint cans hung from the ceiling and Hot Wheels on the floor, the Sins are going for the serious stuff and ignoring the lessons learned from Home Alone.
Envy doesnít look like heís a fan of being replaced by the dog.

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Quick Review: Dead Like Me: Life After Death- The movie is intended to finish up the story after the TV was cancelled early, but it tries to saddle the line and appeal to newcomers and fans alike and suffers for it. Not enough is explained for newcomers to care about the characters and too much is repeated for fans and several important open plot points from the show are never even touched upon. The movie itself starts with a mystery and never even bothers to resolve it. Itís certainly not a bad movie, but for fans of the show, itís not the closure youíre looking for.