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CON8- He Could Have Worked

Maybe that’s just how Feasting says hello? I think they were really being unfair in ditching that Vice. Would you not love a dog because it jumped up and licked your face? No! Now just replace the dog with a bloated tick-like jellyfish, jumping up with ensnaring you with tentacles, and licking with trying to digest you.
Gluttony’s final line went through a few changes because I couldn’t decide between “Ah” and “Oh”. It’s always the short lines that are the hardest. “Oh” had a tinge of regret or being sorry to it. “Ah” felt more like an acknowledgement but without any inclination to change. Envy is handling it rather well though.

Quick Review: A Brief History of the Dead- There are two stories being told concurrently in the novel. One is an interesting look at a person that you know is going to die (and die soon) and it’s just a matter of how and when. This is the best part of the book. The other story is one where the world and situations are extremely interesting and an enjoyable take on the Afterlife, but the characters within are wholly uninteresting. Putting the two together with an ending that loses steam quickly (thematically acceptably so) and you get a book that takes a long time to tell a short story. It’s worth a read but there’s no guilt in doing some skimming.