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CON9- Fair Warning

Lust and Pride make good ominous plotting shadowy leaders. She even has the Bond villain-esq ďstroking your pet cat while saying something sinisterĒ down pat. Blobs of goo are cuter and more evil than most cats anyway. And possibly into dancing... Was that a yes meh or a no meh?
Getting it out in the open. Yes, the team WILL change by at LEAST one member in the near future. Start the rampant speculation... now! No wait, NOW.

Long, Only one eye glowing Review: Killzone 2- Initial thought: ďHoly crap, is that Brian Cox? Ohmygod, thatís Brian Cox! Heís awesome.Ē And now your regularly scheduled review.
Killzone isnít a bad game and for what it does, it does it well, but the problem is that it does nothing new or all that interesting. The story, characters, and dialogue are interchangeable with any dozens of other war shooters and from a military tactics and common sense viewpoint, everybody is dumb as a rock (our enemy can harness lightning and a giant lightning rod looking thing just rose out of the ground? Letís all walk up to it and stand around talking!). You can only hold one weapon at a time. Enemies take too many shots to kill and there are too many of them. You end up fighting the same few enemy types over and over (although the heavies are fuuun). The weapon set would be at home in any WW2 shooter. Thereís only one unique weapon in the whole game and you only have it for one level and then they take it away from you. If you want to shoot a lot of people in the face (and snicker as their helmets go flying off. PANG!), this is your game, but if you want something new, look elsewhere. Be warned if you are going to play through it because it wraps up with an AWFUL final boss (you actually get a trophy for beating him in under 20 minutes, so that should let you know how poorly done it is) and a non-ending ending that just paves the way for another sequel. Thematically, the ending is realistic, but itís not a payoff for finishing the game. Itís not a happy ending and itís not a sad ending. Itís a Maggie gave away Bobo for no reward ending. The game is really only half finished when it ends. The final credits are kind of keen though.
Multiplayer is fantastic though. It still falls into the unbalanced trappings and ďI totally shot that guy like 3 times in the head and I died after he shot me onceĒ moments that every FPS has, but the customization and smoothness of the package make up for it. Not a single moment of lag in all the matches I played and only one problem connecting to a game. The servers are very active (obviously) and joining a match is nice and quick. The best thing about it is that each round is made up of multiple missions. You can move from deathmatch to capture points to capture the flag to assassination to destroy the objective, so even if you dislike one (deathmatch, boring) in five minutes or less youíll be on to another (capture points, woo). My gripes about MP are that you only have one class to start with and it takes a fairly long time to unlock the others, the level design is a bit poor/unbalanced, and your character gets caught on the tiniest of steps leading to a slew of cheap deaths. I donít mind losing to someone better than me, but if I die because I canít turn around or got stuck on a two inch step, Iím going to get ticked. The only mode I actively dislike is destroying/protecting objectives (which I typically love in other games). The objectives are always placed in extreme bottlenecks so if the defenders have even a few brain cells they set themselves up on the objective side of the bottleneck and mow down anybody that tries to get through. Only once have I ever seen an objective destroyed and that was because the match was 5 against 1. With the classes unlocked at different times, you can really get into some unfair matches. If you have a team of grunt soldiers going against engineers, medics, and soldiers with invisibility cloaks, youíre going to get rocked hard. If you have a chance or donít care about your score, sit around and listen to the propaganda machines in capture the flag, theyíre awesome.
I also encountered a number of bugs and considering the game is already patched to version 1.2, thatís not a good thing. Everything from shots just blatantly passing through enemies in single player to enemies being able to walk up walls or obstacles to wonky physics to serious clipping issues. The best physics-related one was that I shot a guy from high ground, he ducked a little after being hit, and then he went flying straight up as if I compressed him like a spring when I shot him. The most annoying one was that my own team parked a tank in front of my cover and it blocked me from moving. The tank wouldnít advance until I cleared out the enemies ahead, but since the tank trapped me, I had to restart.
Sins Committed: Bad partner AI, Bad dialogue, Bad characters, Buggy, Enemies are too resilient, Nothing unique, Everything is brown, Cliffhanger ending