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Posted by Pip

CON11- Fear Their Reunions

Drama! Gluttony has a sibling or at least a creature she’s close enough to call her sister (the far more likely choice given that we know demons can’t reproduce). Is she a man-eating plant monster too? Can she master the power of turning into a cute girl to mooch food? Would she eat Rhett? Would this mysterious sister abuse her powers and ruin the fun of piñatas for everybody else? Who knows! Envy’s drunk and that’s what’s hilarious. That’s one heck of a flammable potential jack-o-lantern. Pumpkins doused in booze are a recipe for one child-traumatizing holiday.

Thanks be to Dave for putting up our fancy “New and Confused?” page! I put together a page with the pertinent information that you need to know to jump into any of the Sins arcs and not feel completely lost. If you have friends that balk at plot and having to follow a story in a comic, point them to that button with an adorable Fortune on your left (refresh if you don’t see it) or straight to:

A new DDG has been posted as well! Click that tab right above that adorable Fortune button to read and enjoy.