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CON13- PrisSin Break

Lust only wanted Envy for his brains! Nobody loves him just for his body. Poor guy. The least Kep could have done was sweep Envy under the bed, because that is going to freak out the guards in the morning. Itís bad enough you lost your prisoner, but to have that orange thing rolling around in there. Ewww.
Envyís head gets amusing onomatopoeia.

I redid the Sloth, Lust, and Greed link banners on the Links page. If you were using them to link to Sins (thanks!), feel free to use the newer, prettier ones.

Quick Review: Monsters Vs Aliens- Standard disclosure: I was directly involved with a company/product directly involved with the movie and my tickets were free, I knew the plot ahead of time, and I knew a bit of the dialogue beforehand so your mileage may vary.
MvA isnít so much a big action movie as it is a big cast list that needed a movie around it. The movie is so packed with recognizable names (that likely demand high pay) that it feels forced to cram them all on screen. The story is so by the numbers that even if I hadnít worked with it before the movie, Iíd have been able to call most of the jokes, action sequences, and plot points. Despite all the money put into the voice cast, the writing isnít all that interesting. There are few witty or snappy lines, three or four moments worth an audible laugh, and a smattering of chuckles and smirks. So despite the great setup and all the potential, it actually turns out kind of boring. It moves from chase scene to chase scene and the later part of the movie is a string of things either breaking or blowing up so I found myself checking my watch. Itís only around an hour and a half long but it still feels like it drags on. I canít tell you how technically interesting the 3D was, but if youíre watching it in 2D, you quickly get sick of having things fall, stretch, or fly out towards the screen and it surpasses ďgimmickyĒ and becomes annoying before the halfway point. Just one thing that bugged me on a personal front, all of the humans in the movie are just flat out hideous. The monsters and robots and backgrounds all look great, but the humans are frighteningly ugly in design and texturing.
And on a side note, can the Stephen Colbert and Seth Rogan lust in the entertainment industry please stop? Seriously burnt out on those two. Itís not like Colbert even added anything to the movie, so you could have had really anybody in that part. Itís a transparent ploy to suck in his viewers and the movie goes so far as to paste ďStephen Colbert as The PresidentĒ in the opening credits where nobody else is linked with their character.