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CON14- My Magic Voice Says This Page Is Awesome

Awww, Lust isnít so bad after all. Sure she framed a little kid for murder, but guilt got the best of her and she sprung the sucker out and even paid his way. Thatís also a perfectly valid reason why she canít do it all the time. Paying off your patsies really adds up over the centuries!
Of course we have to all pray that this kid doesnít become schizophrenic or psychotic. Donít listen to talking dogs, Kep!
So does this count as a cameo for Rhettís farm? Our favorite inhuman cast member. That also isnít a demon. Or a monster. Okay, our favorite home. That isnít a temple full of cute priestesses and home to a ley line.

So the Sins and their would-be host have gone their separate ways. Which of course means weíll have a brand new arc next time. The Cast page has been updated with Kepís profile.

Nothing all that humorous for our end of the month inspection of search strings that led to Sins. Well, humorous and not soul scarring or pornographic. Even the one amusing search turned out to be an acronym that led to porn when searched...

But there is a new donation incentive wallpaper and itís all about the cuteness. Nobody can resist the appeal of the cast just being adorable!

Stay tuned for the next update because thereís going to be a big surprise! Fun for the whole family, honest!

And speaking of donations, Saurus was kind enough to send us his own version of the Sins being cute! And a tad more of the sexy than Fortune and Jin are used to:

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