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Posted by Pip

BAL1- Chillaxsin

And weíre back! Shortly after Kepís... ďadventureĒ but before the next host! You can tell that because theyíre relaxing and Fortune is wearing an oh-so revealing outfit. Slow it down, girl! You canít go from that boring brown dress to a two piece so quickly. Sheís going to go into shock. But it is nice to get the others scheming from time to time. Lust and Chastity canít be the only ones plotting and putting mysterious events in motion.

And as I promised last time... I present a gift! Sins Avera

I put together a simple Sins game built with Game Maker. Now, Iím not a programmer so keep your expectations in check, but I thought it was fun and my testers did too. Itís an action/puzzle game where you use a host and the Sinsís powers to get through each room. Each Sin gives you a different power but Iíll let you play to discover whatís what.
The controls are simple:
Left and Right move your character, Up jumps, ESC closes the game, and F1 opens the information/help menu for more information.
As I mentioned, Iím not a programmer, so the bits that needed coding are a tad rough. Thereís an exploit with how jumping is calculated and there are some issues with collision. If your character gets stuck, try moving left or right and pressing Up as you do so and you should be able to unwedge yourself.
Special thanks to Bronze_Age_Robot, FoxKnight, Spiral, Jay, and Tetsamaru for testing and for donating some room designs to the game!
If you find any other issues or bugs or get stuck, please post on the forum or send me an email ( ) .