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BAL2- Love It When A Stolen Plan Comes Together

Just a bit of a refresher for those that havenít been with us from the start or havenít memorized every minute details about the comic (how do you live with yourselves!?). Forces are ideas given physical form, so itís important that the ideas have power, are something people can pass on or have faith in, and have a certain mythos to them. Also why the Mythbusters would be the vilest things a Force could imagine.

A big thanks to all of you that have tried the Avera game and even more so to those that commented or emailed me!

A new DDG was posted this weekend as well. Click on that DDG tab to the left for a bit of action to balance out the Sinsís talkiness.

Quick Review: Darkstalkers Graphic File- Iím not a big fan of fighting games, but Iíve always liked the Darkstalkers games for the characters, art, and insane animation that they cram into the series. The Graphic File collects a lot of the promotional art and the pieces from the Capcom Secret Files, but unfortunately itís mainly stuff youíve seen before if you visit game art or arcade sites from time to time. However, the notes and rejected character designs later in the book more than make up for it. Thereís a great glossary of not only the fighting system but also a lot the background lore thatís never even brought up in the games. Even if youíre just into the games for purely gameplay-related reasons, they break down the changes in the engine, have full move lists for all the characters, the different endings, and some handy random information. If the other Graphic File books are put together like this one, theyíre greatly interesting reads for fans. If youíre not explicitly a fan of the series, you may enjoy the art gallery but I donít see much else in the book being all that interesting.