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BAL3-He Said You Should Give Me Money

The Sins are either making a rather violent vigilante or theyíre going for the super hero route. All while grubbing food, looting wallets, and being their normal super villainous selves. People are generally suckers for a lovable vigilante so all we need is the Sin Signal from atop a jail and the public should be happy.
Narration! I do believe thatís a first in the comic. Will we find out where itís coming from or is it high time that Sins joins the ranks of countless webcomics and start with the author insertion and enough Mary Sue-ing to start making heads pop! Wait and see. In the mean time, I think thatís one heck of a timeline jump. In your face, Comic Time trope!

Quick Review: Futurama: Into The Wild Green Yonder- Continuing the moviesí downward spiral, the last Futurama movie just isnít good. It has some funny moments but really nothing about it is special or all that interesting so itís generally just meh all around. The main story is a boring ďpowers of light vs darkĒ setup, that really has no place in the series, and itís made of too many plot points that arenít all that great or fleshed out. It feels like they had these snippets of plots left over so they just threw them all into the movie and wanted to tie them together, no matter how flimsy it would come out. Thereís not really much to say that isnít rehashing that the movie just... is. Itís not bad, itís not great; itís just a sorry sendoff for one of the greatest TV shows Iíve ever seen.