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BAL4- More Jiggling Than DoAX

Narration explained! It was Fortune all along. How cute!
It’s been a while since we’ve seen any abuse of Sloth in the name of sport. I’m sure the argument could even be made to switch over to stealing Envy’s head and using that. Even if you don’t get good bumps out of it, just the noise it would make would be satisfying.
I share Gluttony’s views on the Universe. It needs to be more exciting more often.

Quick Review: Tales of the Black Freighter- While okay in its own right, Black Freighter really loses most of its appeal and significance when it isn’t woven into the Watchmen story. On its own, it just feels like your typical Tales from the Crypt knock-off. You’d do well to wait for the extended version of the Watchmen DVD and to see the Black Freighter within that. The “Under the Hood” feature is a lot more fun and interesting, but if you’ve read the book, it’s nothing new. If you’ve only seen the movie though, it’s worth a watch.