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Posted by Pip

T1- Hillside Chats

What better way to start off a new series than with a hillside chat with friends? Or bitter enemies… Or Frienemies!
Laying on the grass like that is one of those things that doesn’t age well. I loved doing that before, but now it bothers me greatly. You never know who or what has been there, peed there, poo’ed, or any number of other unsanitary things. The world is a filthy, filthy place!

Mario Kart DS is kind of lame online but it’s still fun. My record is 1 W - 1 L because my first full match was against guys that I would be beating for 2 laps and then they’d get blue and red shells out the wazoo on the last lap, my last match was against a guy that only proved a challenge for the number of red shells he got, and my other matches have all been against people that disconnect when they’re losing (one guy disconnected within three seconds of the start).
But if you do want to play, let me know in an email or something. I don’t snake and I won’t disconnect unless my battery runs out or the connection gets dropped. My friend code is:
And my emblem is a poison mushroom. How is that not keen?