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Posted by Pip

BAL6- 360 Degrees Punch

Putting a failing of people onto our poor lady’s shoulders. Apparently the Sins lack that whole “following a plan” skill (with Lust incapable of following her own directions...) and put a wee bit too much focus on finding somebody that’s useful AND cute. But when you get people spreading tales, there tends to be a trait or two they focus on to the exclusion of others. It’s like a cruel game of Telephone only with some rather grand consequences...
But she may not be as much of a ditz as they first thought for she has... magic hugs!

DDG has updated as well. And speaking of DDG...
‘Netta got her first solo cameo! Check out Magical Misfits for her appearance and stay with it because there just miiight be more to come...

Thanks to The Webcomic Crossover & Cameo Archive for helping set it up: