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BAL7- Never Look A Gift Force In The Mouth

Sheís like Santa! Only way more awesome. And a lot cuter!
She knows the Sins well. Meat, make-up, demonic girly mags. But does she know them too well... And sheís drawing yelling at Lust. Desire angry he misses out on the cute ladies? Murdoch excited about getting to deal with a humanoid that isnít overtly evil or willing to reveal secrets to the world? Slothís long lost twin brother that was thought to have drowned while saving baby animals in Mexico!? Youíll have to wait and see.

Itís friend-of-Sins Spiralís birthday this weekend! Stop by Ascension and wish him a happy one!

The next Magical Misfits cameo came quickly! Lust stops by for the baby shower as well! Pay them a visit and there should hopefully be one more cameo from a friend of the Sins.

And once again, thanks to The Webcomic Crossover & Cameo Archive for helping set it up:

Quick Review: Special (2006) Ė The trailer makes it out to be a comedy, but the real movie really touches on a lot. It starts off fairly funny with a guy signing up for a drug test and thinking that itís giving him super powers, but then as he gets more crazy and more and more paranoid, you start to feel a bit guilty about taking joy in someone elseís mental instability. Then the action and drama kicks in and the movie ends fantastically. Itís definitely a small studio film, but it has a great premise, doesnít try to do more than it can, and it has some strong acting (especially from Michael Rapaport, whose TV show I couldnít stomach but he actually does a nice job here).