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Posted by Pip

BAL8- Abomination Would Have Been Keen Too

Alert the walruses (walri?), Balance is taking the buckets.
So our lady has a name/role! Or maybe she doesn’t and she nuts. I mean, who wears a bucket on its head? Maybe all these Forces should be required to carry ID cards. Or at least those “Hi! My Name Is...” tags. Lots of people should have those....

Our game, Avera, has some music! Forum-goer GMidgit was kind enough to make a tune for it, so click the link or check it out on the Swag page. Thanks, G!

Quick Review: Religulous- The obvious fact is that the movie is preaching to the converted. The people that should/need to see the documentary and listen to the questions it raises never will. But for all the other people out there, it’s entertaining, funny, and even if you don’t like Bill Maher, he comes across well. It starts off very jokey and snarky, but after the first batch of crazy people, it moves from mocking the far out people to really just calling out all the moderate/normal religious people and all the non-religious to represent themselves and not let the extreme/loud weirdoes rule the field. It doesn’t just go for the easy targets (although several of those are included with the DVD extras) and the two best interviews are with people from the Vatican.