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BAL10- The Rectifier

Poor Fortuneís attempts at make-overy are thwarted. But the tales of super hero-dom were well received! You donít mess with a sweet, innocent harbinger of sin and evil lest you incur the wrath of Balance. Joyís just lucky sheís semi-immortal because Iím pretty darn sure her neck isnít supposed to bend and turn like that.

For Gluttony and Envyís sakes, I hope everybody had a groovy Earth Day.

Quick Review: Time Crimes- I heard nothing but raving praise for this movie and Iím always up for a good time travel flick, but I was fairly let down. Just for starters, the dubbed actors are awful. The dialogue isnít very good to begin with (it comes across as very clinical, almost like characters are just reading off facts rather than speaking like human beings) but the English actors read it without investing any real emotion. For the movie itself, the big reveal that sets the movie on its pace is fairly obvious so you spend the first two thirds of the movie setting up the event and then just watching it go through the moves to get there. It really picks up at the end, but I canít say itís really worth going through the beginning to get to the end. Itís not bad by any means, but itís too easy to pick apart to really sit down and watch with rapt attention.
The DVD includes a short film called ď7:35 de la MaŮanaĒ and THAT is totally awesome and worth a watch.