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Posted by Pip

BAL13- Karmanta Claus

More magic hugs! Hugs that manage to calm down even Chastity. Which no doubt will lead to handshakes, apologies for hurt feelings, and a new age of love and tenderness between Sin and Virtue. Or one hot, hot make-out session... Keep your fingers crossed.
Balance is the Krampus and Santa all in one! Good Forces gets meats and girly mags and bad Forces lose a couple of teeth and face the possibility of being stuffed in a sack. Good times for all!

Humorous searches for the month! “Pseudopods” (curses, the new squid-based Vice has been spoiled!), “egg puns” (searched but never funny), “eye of the gauntlet” (quick somebody rewrite Eye of the Tiger with Sins lyrics!), and “mascota de juguete” (if the good people of Spain think there should be Sins toys, what’s taking it so long!?)
There are even more categories on TVTropes with Sins and DDG, so thanks to those of you that are submitting them and updating the comic’s page!

And of course there’s a new wallpaper available for those that donate monies, art, writing, or creativity! Just make sure you ask for it!

Due to requests (mainly friend of the site, Razii's), and never one to turn down good free advertising, Sins now has a page on Facebook! There won't really be any unique content on the page, so if you keep checking the forum you won't miss any exciting pictures or notices or the like. We'd very much appreciate it if you added us/became a fan/followed us/whatever the kids are saying these days!
I've never done a Facebook page before so if it isn't working or you have suggestions, please let me know! I don't even know what the exact link is, but if you search for "SinComics", it shows up...
I think this is the direct link: