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Posted by Pip

BAL14- Feel The Love

In your face, first impressions! Lust has learned to not judge a book by its cover. You judge it by how much blood flows when you throw it at your rivalís nose. And I think weíve all grown a little from this lesson.
Chastity is running off to see her secret therapist hidden away in the Limbo between Realms so she can discuss her feelings and how her teammates donít truly know who she is and donít express their love for her enough. Or sheís going to go find a weak demon and wail on him until she stops feeling emotions. Both options work really well and would help you forget that you just got beaten by a creature thatís about twenty minutes old.

A new DDG has been posted as well, so start your week off right and check it out.

Quick Review: 007 Quantum of Solace- Definitely better than your average 007 flick (but what isnít), but not so hot compared to others. Where Casino Royale was a spy movie and was full of intrigue and all that good stuff, Quantum is just an action movie. Lots of chase scenes, stuff blowing up every five minutes, and more cuts per minute than your average music video. It would have been a lot more enjoyable if it had been shot better and they laid off the lousy CG action scenes, but the unlikable female lead and so-so villain donít help much either. Worth a watch when it shows up on TV but given that the only ďspecial featureĒ on the DVD is a music video, itís not even that great of a rental.