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BAL15- We Saw Her First

They’re evil but dang if they’re not lovable or huggable at the very least. The Virtue side just has oh so much less snuggle potential.
The dibs rules on creating your own abominations are quite clear. You birth it or see it first, it’s yours. It’s not like grabbing the last slice of pizza or deciding who gets the seat with the metal thing sticking out.

Quick Review: Real Ghostbusters Season 1- This is probably one of those nostalgia locked experiences. If you grew up watching the show, you’ll be filled with horrible lame and cheesy joy, but if you’re new to it, you’re probably going to have a hard time looking passed the gratuitous musical montages, the animation that varies drastically episode to episode, the shear number of animation/coloring/voicing errors, and even misspellings in the text. The early seasons were the ones with the hokier episodes but they’re also the ones that introduced the greats like Samhain. The extras are nice but nothing outstanding (I was hoping that the pilot episode would be in this season but no such luck). The commentaries range from being great and providing a lot of behind the scenes information to cast members that just look confused and aren’t really sure what they’re doing, but not many episodes have the full commentaries. Most episodes do have a short intro from a member of the cast but they’re only a few seconds long and nothing too substantial. The MSRP of $40 seems a bit extreme, but Amazon has it for $20 and that’s more reasonable.
It also makes me really sad because I used to have a bunch of GB toys and I have nooo idea what happened to all of them.