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BAL16- Do Tell

The Sins have their priorities straight. Friendship, safety, and meats. Sure being a mighty force of Nature is good and all, but if you can’t deliver the grub, you’re easier to let go.
Fortune is back to normal for those of you scared off by electric blue eye shadow. You wouldn’t want her to start weeping or tearing up while wearing that. The resulting streaks and running could be frightening. Tammy Faye frightening...

This is our 600th update! Woo!

Quick Review: This Film Is Not Yet Rated- An amusing documentary that focuses on just how inept, homophobic, and outright corrupt the MPAA is. The organization answers to almost no one, ignores its own released guidelines for membership, has enormous power over what gets released, and doesn’t even have a set of standards for what it does, but at the same time, it’s the movie industry’s own fault for letting the MPAA get that way so the only people you end up feeling bad for are the writers but at the same time they’re adding a lot of gratuitous content anyway so you can even feel all that bad for them either.